Proven service provider.

As a Japanese business of VSII, a famous Vietnamese IT company, VJP provides reliable IT services through close cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

Provide Japanese quality

VJP promises to provide the Japanese quality with accurately understand the needs of the Japanese market.

Provide from the upstream service

VJP provides variety of services such as consulting, requirement definition, system development, project management.

About VJP

 With the theme of “Renovate business with technology”, VJP will continue to be a trusted partner for Japanese companies, with a focus on advanced technology efforts and service quality. VJP brings value to Japan through digital technology such as advanced technology research and application, core application development, embedded software development and mobile software development for Japanese companies. VJP continues to innovate in a continuously changing business environment that provides quality. VJP believes that “Japan quality = software quality + service quality” and strives to improve quality daily.
VJP is a Japanese subsidiary of VSII (Viet Software International), a leading Vietnamese IT company, that provides IT services and IT human resources by Vietnamese engineers and Japanese engineers who have experience in Japanese, US and European environments.


Kenji Kohga


4 businesses

We have many experiences as an IT service company, but we can help you solve IT staff shortage and IT cost reduction problems by dispatching engineers.

7 services menu

We support a series of activities from business analysis to development, launch and maintenance. In addition to Java and other developments, it also supports package development and maintenance.

Talent Introduction Services Menu

●Employment Placement Dispatching

  • A service where candidates are dispatched for a certain period time assuming recruitment as regular employees


  • A service that introduces candidates on the premice employed as regular employees

OffShore Development Model

①VJP One Stop

  • Customers may just contact /request to VJP
  • VJP takes care all

➁VJP Brand

  • VJP&VSII United
  • Knowhow from IBM Offshore Development
  • Japanese Hi Quality Assurance
  • Dense Communication in Japan standards

③Flexible Structure

  • Offshore Development
  • Onsite Engineers Dispatch

➃Hi Technical Skill

  • Provide high technical skills based on the experience supporting Japanese companies
  • Providing services with abundant technical capabilities based on the VSII ITO (IT Offshore) model

➄Customer Oriented Skill

  • Package etc.
✓ Development tools
✓ Packages

⑥Size Up Capability

  • 50 persons model
✓ Offshore Development 40 persons
✓ Onsite Dispatch 10 persons

❖ Hi Performance Development Center

● Objectives

  • Provide stable engineers of high quality to realize cost reduction
  • VJP and VSII collaborate to reform the engineer structure
✓  Lower engineer costs
✓  Allows more deals
✓  Engineers size up
✓  50 people model (10 onsite, 40 offshore)

● Specifications

  • Absorb changes of customer resource requirements
✓  Create a quarterly resource plan
✓  Coordinate monthly assignments adjustment
  • Reduce offshore overhead costs
✓  Develop in Japanese environment
✓  Procured by VJP
✓  Quality assurance by VJP

❈ If you are interested in offshore, please contact us from Contact Us

New approach

We are promoting investment and engineer development in new technological fields, and the achievements are increasing in AI and data science.

VJP capabilities

Language Capabilities

  • Java               120 people
  • C/C#/C++         90 people
  • PHP                  60 people
  • Java Script       60 people

Quality Assurance

  • Component Test
  • Advanced Walkthrough
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Onsite Quality Assurance by Japanese

Completion system

  • From design to migration
  • Anywhere on site
  • Three to five years support commitment

Japanese Language Capabilities

  • N1      3 people
  • N2    15 people
  • N3    35 people

Consulting ability

  • Business strategy planning
  • Business process reform
  • Business analysis
  • PMO

Advanced technology approach capability

  • AI
  • Data science
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain

Customer service ability

  • Japan culture emphasis
  • Japanese and Vietnamese team

Mandatory success

  • Project management
  • Program management

Size up ability

  • Stable supply
  • Northern and Central engineers
  • Correspond to the size request

Supportable Technologies


  • Java, JavaScript, C,C++, C#
  • RPG, EGL, Cobol, VB, OData
  • JSP/Servlets, PHP, Perl, Python
  • SQL, PL/SQL, HTML5/CSS3, VB Script

Mobile development

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Mobile applications.
  • IBM Worklight platform (for
    Enterprise mobile application)


  • DB2, Oracle, MSSQL,
    Postgres, MySQL, MS
  • SQL Server, Sybase,
  • MongoDB, Hadoop


  • (Messaging): IBM MQ, Oracle, JMS/AQ, Tibco EMS.
  • (SOA): Tibco BusinessWorks, IBM
    Integration Bus, Oracle Service Bus.
  • (ECM): IBM FileNet, Alfressco, MS
  • (BPM): Tibco AMX BPM, IBM BPM.
  • (Other): Xpath, XQuery, XSLT,
    XSD, ISO20022, IFX …


  • Portal: Liferay 6; GUI widget
    toolkits (Swing, AWT, WT),ASP
  • C#:.Net, Web Forms, MVC, Windows Forms, WCF, WPF, Workflow Foundation; MVC
  • PHP: WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Laravel
  • JS: jQuery, Dojo ToolKit, React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Java: Spring, Strust, Seasar


  • AIX, Linux, Unix, Sun
    Solaris, HP-UX, Windows,
    OS/400, AS/400, iSeries


  • IBM Websphere Application
    Server, BEA Weblogic, Oracle
    Application Server, Apach
  • Tomcat, IIS, Jboss, Jetty Web
    Server, Nginx, Windows Azure,
    IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS

VJP/VSII Customer Examples

Support Organization

 VSII is the offshore development center accumulating the development knowhow, quality management knowhow, business skills and advanced technology skills and deploy to each project.

 VJP ensures the service quality as a consultation function to Japanese customers. VJP understands customers and staffs consultants and engineers to various customer needs providing uniform and high-level supports.

VJP Co., Ltd.

Company name VJP:VietSoftware International Japan Co. Ltd.
Address Masuman Bldg. 8F, 2-27-8, Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo  105-0014 Japan
Licences 2019 March General worker dispatch business lience number

2020 March Paid employment placement business lience number



Capital 57,500,000 JPY
Phone number

FAX number



Number of employees 4 Japanese, 40 Vietnamese
Representative Representative Director and President Kenji Kohga

VSII (VietSoftware International Ltd.)

Company name VSII (VietSoftware International)
Address 6th floor, 15 Pham Hung Road, Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Location Hanoi (Headquarter), Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City
Establishment July 2006 (former organization VSI in 2005)
Capital 10 Billion VND (55,000,000 JPY)
Net sales 5,000,000 USD (2014)
Number of employees 320(March 2017)
Phone number

FAX number

(+844) 3728 0366

(+844) 3728 0367

Representative Chairman CEO Mr. Le Xuan Hai

VSII Company Information

  • Establishment of company in July 2006
  • 14-year ITO service record (software and service contract with IBM since 2002)
  • Provides outsourcing service to Japanese customers for 10 years
  • Practical experience of middleware system integration services and consulting market in Vietnam for 6 years

Positioning of VSII in the market

  • A leading company of Top 40 ICT Companies of Medium-Sized Enterprise (200-500 Employees)
  • The number of employees is 320, and continues growing
  • Strategic consulting and system integration service partner in the banking & finance field
  • Internationally known as IBM’s largest contractor in Vietnam
  • Positions Japan as a strategic market and are strengthening our efforts
  • Global digital content and providers of mobile services

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